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Lahore School Sports Society (LSSS):- The sports society at Lahore School strives to bring out the athletics talents of students on a regular basis. The sports played on campus include football, basketball, cricket, volleyball, badminton, rugby, hockey, squash, table tennis, lawn tennis and chess.

Lahore School of Economics Association of Debaters (LSEAD):- The debaters at Lahore School are among the best in the national circuit winning multiple national debating championships and tournaments year round. The popular forms of debate practiced include Asian style parliamentary, British parliamentary, declamations and Model United Nations.

Lahore School Music Society (LSMS):- The music society organizes regular classes for violin, guitar and building vocal prowess throughout the week. In addition to this, the music society has been responsible for many Lahore School Idol events as well as Battle of the Bands to allow students to unleash their musical talents.

Lahore School Social Welfare Society (LS-SWS):- Conscious of the many social issues affecting our society, the students are mindful of their contributions, both financial and physical. For this purposes, we have multiple charity events including charity drives, Halloween themed bake sales. The society also invites imminent personalities to give seminars on campus regarding the various ways of social welfare and contribution.

Lahore School Society of Literature (LSSL):- Writers, poets and readers are all found on Lahore School and this society is their sanctuary to help them make their literary experiences extraordinary. The society organizes intra as well as inter-poetry and prose writing as well as recitation competitions in addition to inviting prominent and aspiring writers on campus to interact with students.

Lahore School Society of Arts (LSSA):- Lahore School students are extremely talented and artistic when it comes to the drawing pencil and painting brush. Every semester, artistic workshops pertaining to sculpture making, painting and sketching are held with regularity. Whether students are semi-experienced artists or they wish to learn the basics, anyone and everyone is welcome to join.

Lahore School Social Awareness Society (LSSAS):- The social awareness society is all about organizing seminars, workshops and interactive sessions basically to speared knowledge and awareness about the importance of social issues. The basic purpose is to draw out the consciousness of students and increasing their sensitivities towards social issues in our country through dialogue and interaction.

Lahore School Media and Film Club:- The media and film club is dedicated towards exploring the best cinematic works in history and implementing similar techniques in their original projects. Screening of the best Hollywood films takes place every week while directors and artists responsible for award-winning works visit the campus providing students with valuable interactive opportunities.

 Lahore School Dramatics Society:- With an upcoming production in the pipeline, the dramatics society is a group of dedicated students who enjoy theatrical expression. Building upon both published and original works of drama, the society welcomes students who enjoy working on stage as well as behind the curtain.

Lahore School of Economics Photography Society:- Photography is an integral part of the campus with every event and every moment of academic and extra-curricular being captured by young and aspiring photographers. Outside of campus, trips to photogenic events are organized regularly and competitions are meant to bring out the best of the students’ photographic captures.

Lahore School Adventure Society:- The adventure society provides out-of-campus activities and events for students especially during the semester breaks. These include day trips to historical locations and buildings in and around the city of Lahore. 


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